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ID Center
University of Mississippi

So what exactly does the ID Center do for me?

The ID Center is one of the many responsibilities of Contractual Services Management. It’s our job to make sure your card is your “passport” to campus life. Since CSM manages so many services (such as Coke & Aramark Dining), we can integrate these relationships into the Ole Miss One Card. We have been able to provide our campus with a “one card” solution since 1990.

When you come to the ID Center, you’ll be greeted by the ID Center Front Desk staff. They will print your card, answer any questions, and provide literature to better understand our plans.

Between the multiple UM Campuses, summer camps, and others like Turner Center, we have over 20,000 IDs out, so we truly need a robust system to handle it.

Your card system is a best-in-class enterprise solution used by many universities. Regarding your personal information, we’ve taken steps to protect your identity. Your monetary transactions are encrypted and we no longer keep Social Security Numbers in our system. If you lose your ID, we simply increase your “Lost Card Code” which makes your old ID useless.