ID Center

University of Mississippi

Ole Miss ID

It’s your official identification card. It’s your access for everything – from checking out books at the Library to accessing the Recreation Center to eating at the Dining Hall. It’s The Way to Pay for everything you need, both on campus and off. It’s the Ole Miss ID, and when you’ve got it you’ve got your Passport to Life at The University of Mississippi.

With the Ole Miss ID you can:

  • Get into your residence hall
  • Pay for textbooks at the Ole Miss Bookstore
  • Do your laundry in the residence halls without having to scrounge around for quarters
  • Order a late night pizza delivery from favorite off-campus restaurants
  • Buy tickets for campus events
  • Make photocopies at university copiers
  • Gain admission into athletic events, even if you’re painted Red and Blue
  • Purchase items from vending machines in campus locations
  • Purchase concert tickets to campus events
  • Print and copy in the libraries and computer labs
  • Purchase meals and snacks at Ole Miss Dining
  • Access the Ole Miss Fitness Center

It’s easy to see why the Ole Miss ID is your Passport to Life – it’s all you need to make it through a day at The University of Mississippi.